We provide food for elementary students.

For the past several years, the Faith In Action Outreach team has provided food for elementary school students in the Malakoff, Cross Roads and Trinidad school districts through a program called the “Food for the Weekend”. Through this program the Faith In Action Outreach team provides food for the weekend for elementary school kids that otherwise wouldn’t get to eat until Monday morning when they get back to school. Every year this program continues to be expanded.

The feedback from the “Food for the Weekend” Program has been awesome. The kids are doing better in school because of the increased nutrition. One of the teachers has told us, “The kids really look forward to the ‘food gifts’ that they get each Friday!”

What our goals are:

  • To show kids in our elementary schools that people do care about them.
  • To provide nutrition for these elementary school kids so they can grow up healthier.
  • To help these elementary school kids to be nourished so they can do better in school.
  • To let the parents of these kids know that they are not alone because we are here to help.
  • To show Jesus’ love for the little ones.